Woman enjoying her warm home after heating maintenance before winter

Don’t Forget to Schedule Heating Maintenance Before Winter

It’s hard to believe we are just a couple of months from the cold weather that comes with the Fall and Winter seasons. It will be such a relief to have a break from the heat of summer, but if you haven’t had your heating system in Idaho Falls, ID professionally maintained, it’s time to give us a call. We work on all major types of heating systems, including boilers, furnaces, heat pumps and radiant heating systems. Why is maintenance so important? Trust us, there are reasons! Let’s take a look:

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

No homeowner wants to spend more money on energy than they absolutely have to, right? But that’s exactly what you will end up doing if you haven’t had your heater properly maintained. Why? The EPA estimates that for every year you don’t have a professional perform maintenance on your heating system, you will lose 5% of your system’s overall efficiency. Regular maintenance allows your system to operate at the highest efficiency possible, a result you’ll see in your monthly fuel bills.

Less Incidence of Repair

There are two reasons why maintenance helps reduce repairs. First, your system undergoes a full inspection that allows your technician to find any existing or developing issues. Small items can be attended to during the maintenance appointment and larger issues can be scheduled for repair. The second reason that maintenance helps reduce repair is that all the components of your heating system are cleaned, adjusted and lubricated, putting them in optimal shape to work.

Extend Life of the Equipment

At the end of any maintenance appointment, your heating system is left in good working order. A system that operates in good shape is one that isn’t stressed or operating under stressful conditions. This will help to extend the life of the equipment.

Maintenance for your heating system is a full tune-up of the system, and as such, should always be performed by a trained expert. The professionals from Mora’s Heating and Cooling are here to help with all of your maintenance needs, so give us a call to schedule your appointment.