A clock frozen in time representing a race to prepare for winter

3 Ways to Stay Ahead of the Cold this Winter

As we enter the new season, it starts to get cold, extremely cold. Whether you’re a fan of winter walks and ice skating, or you’ve been dreading this time since the sky began to darken last fall, you’re going to need to be prepared. You’ll need to make sure that every member of your family has the proper winter attire, and that, most importantly, your heating system is up to the job of keeping your home warm. Here’s how.

Don’t wait for heating maintenance.

It’s never too late, or too early! Early maintenance ensures you are prepared before it even gets cold. On the other hand, even if we’re just emerging from a blizzard and your furnace, boiler, or heat pump is struggling, you can always make an appointment to have your heater inspected, cleaned, and tuned-up. Doing so may save you from unnecessary repairs down the line, and it’s sure to boost performance as well as energy efficiency. Above all, you’ll want to be certain that your heater is there for you when you need it most: on those dark, cold mornings and nights. That’s where pro service delivers.

Dress appropriately and adjust the thermostat accordingly.

Despite your heating system’s ability to raise the temperature of your home substantially during the winter, make sure that everyone in the home dresses appropriately indoors. Summer’s slowly fading away, and making sure that you have the proper attire will allow you to lower the number on the thermostat. Doing so will give your heater a break, reduce wear and tear, and cut costs significantly.

Upgrade your current system.

If your heating system is still in good shape and it has a handful of years left, then consider upgrading it with a new smart thermostat or zone control system. They call it a “smart” thermostat because it has the ability to adjust to your particular needs. This will lower your energy bills substantially and also give you remote control.

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